The Butterfly Gardens


Two Butterfly Gardens have been constructed at the front of the park.  Providing food and shelter for the butterflies during their entire life cycle was accomplished by specially selecting native plants which provide nectar for the butterflies as well as host plants for the caterpillars.  Information is displayed on the life cycle of butterflies along with a second display featuring the butterflies of Charlotte County.

The Hummingbird Garden


The Hummingbird Garden  includes a variety of nectar producing plants and shrubs.  Florida gardens serve as an oasis for the hummingbirds during their annual migration between Mexico and the eastern U.S. A hummingbird may loose up to 50% of their bodyweight as they make their 23 hour non-stop migration across the Gulf of Mexico.


The Wetland Garden

Created through a grant from the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP), this garden provides an opportunity to teach the importance of conservation of our watershed; the benefits of using native plants; and the sustainability of the natural environment further implementing the CHNEP's Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan.

The Herb, Spice and Edibles Gardens

The beds are located toward the rear of the park. These gardens are used in conjunction with local schools' curriculum. Students spend time in this outdoor classroom setting learning about the plants and their many uses. Part of the learning process is the identification of the plants by sight, smell taste or texture. Students from the Good Shepard School during a field trip to the park.

The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden serves as a focal point for the park and provides a gathering area for visitors to enjoy the gardens. It features local coquina rock used for centuries in Florida for landscaping and construction.