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Your Garden's Personality


 We gardeners are as varied as the spaces we create.  Finding  meaning in a sparse but thoughtfully executed space. 

Read This Before Buying New Plants


 Arm yourself with the knowledge to ensure you purchase  beautiful, healthy plants that will increase the curb appeal of your  home and garden.              

Great Design Plant: Common Fig


 The common fig is a beautiful ornamental tree that can take on the  profile of a very full shrub, depending on how you decide to prune it.  

5 Elements of a Sensory Garden


 Many of the plants that are recommended for a sensory garden also work  well in a variety of landscape designs. Some can even do double duty. 

25 Ideas to Perk up Your Side Yard


Turn this often overlooked area into an  enticing and useful outdoor space.

Installing a Stone Patio


Planning to add a stone patio to your landscape next year? Here's what to consider before getting started.

Kumquats for a Juiced-Up Winter

Kumquats for a Juiced Up Winter

Grow it for the edible fruit or its good looks alone . This citrus cousin will brighten any gray winter day.

Great Design Plant: Yellow Bells


With its large size and copious golden flowers, this shrub can cover walls or screen unsightly views

Attract Hummingbirds and Bees


 U.S. native plants: Roll out a welcome mat for pollinators to keep your landscape in balance and thriving.

Boxwood Alternatives


Don't let Box blight limit your plans for  garden designs.

Great Design Plant: Zagreb Tickseed


Get colorful drama along with dear resistance, drought tolerance and low maintenance - plus a butterfly or two.

Great Design Plant: Wild Lupine


Spiky blue flowers and a high tolerance  for poor soil make this plant ideal for tough sites.

A Garden of Succulents for Beauty


Low water plants in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Check out our favs here.

A Cool Garden: Gray & Blue Plants


Looking for plants that calm with color in the heat of the summer? Look no further than these 14 soothing  beauties.

Overcrowded, Overpruned Shrubs


Go for a more natural look  that's easier and less expensive to maintain by giving your plants the right amount of growing room.

How to Design a Colorful Flower Bed


Fall Planting: Delight the eye through three seasons with bright flowers placed just right. Late summer is the time to plan.

Great Plant: Butterfly Milkweed


Vivacious orange flowers for you. nectar for the butterflies and bees. Asclepias tuberosa is worth planting for more reasons than one.

A Design Plant: Hibiscus "Sugar Tip"


As pretty as a party dress, " Sugar Tip"  has layers of pink that catch the eyes of the butterflies.

Fall: 20 Favorite Flowers


Vivid blooms and striking shapes make these annuals and perennials a delight in the autumn garden.

Garden Design: Monarch Butterflies


Thinking like a butterfly leads to fresh perspectives in the garden and in life.

Consider the Lowly Boulder


A boulder can be a thing of beauty in the landscape. Here are 10 ways to display them to full effect.

More Impact From Less Grass


Instead of letting the lawn sprawl, make  it a shapely design element in your yard. You'll reap benefits both practical and aesthetic.

The Art of the Espalier


Go ahead let the limited garden space drive you up the walls. With these six way to train plants vertically, it can be a beautiful thing.

Design a Garden for Native Bees


Create a garden that not only looks beautiful but also nurtures native bees - and helps other wildlife in the process.

Rododendrun Canescens


Have a shady, damp spot in your garden that needs a lift? This Southern U.S. native may be the solution.

Your Gardens' Common Thread


Bring the areas of your garden together to give it a unique sense of purpose.

Design Plant: Chionanthus Viginicus


Lacy flowers cover native white fringe tree in spring, and birds feed off of its berries in winter.

Chasmanthium Latifolium: Sea Oats


Inland sea oats is an easy native grass for a moist, shady garden spot

Great Plant:Spigelia Marilandica


Indian pink is a top hummingbird plant  for shady sites.

Make a "Kokedama" String Garden


Dig in to create  a simple, beautiful Japanese-inspired hanging garden.

Six Wildflowers That Aren't Weeds


Dispel the stereotype of weeds and try these wildlife-supporting native wildflowers in your garden.

Weird But Wonderful Backyard Art


These  outdoor areas will have you looking at your own backyard through fresh eyes. Dare to be different?

DIY Project: Teacup Planters


Add a riot of color to your windowsill, table or balcony by repurposing old cups and saucers as little planter pots.

Edible Plants as Ornamentals


Try growing these tasty plants with your ornamentals for an attractive garden and fresher meals.

Design Plant: Illicium Parviflorum


This shrub from the anise family brings a ray chartreuse sunshine to the woodland garden

Great Design Plant: Dudleya


Set up this succulent in native conditions ans see just how little care it need to thrive in the landscape.

Succulents Beautify a Shade Garden


A garden designed to be viewed from above gets new drought-tolerant, wildlife friendly plantings.

National Pollinators Week


Get involved to help bees,butterflies and moths thrive. National Pollinators Week June 19 to 25.

Magic With Succulent Centerpieces


These fresh ideas for living table toppers don't  need much water or care.

Explore Private Gardens


Take a peek into exceptional landscapes usually closed to the public  or dig deeper by attending a garden workshop.

Borders Bursting With Color


These pant combinations show how to create a lush look with vibrant low-water flowers, shrubs and succulents.

Serenity With a Moon Gate


The Elegant arc of a moon gate creates tranquillity and a hint of mystery in modern gardens.

Great Design Plant: Passion Vine


Enjoy the amazing flowers and edible fruit of U.S. native Pasaflora incarnata ( also knows as maypop ) - the butterflies sure do.

Great Blue Lobelia


Great blue lobelia, a flowering native  plant that prefers moist soil, adds a calming blue hue to the late-summer garden.

Design Plant: Swamp Milkweed


Beautiful  swamp milkweed makes it easy to help monarchs and other pollinators in eastern U.S. gardens.

Go Beyond Black-Eyed Susans


Branch out from typical nursery fare, with lessor-know Rudbeckia species that have delightfully unexpected features.

Design Plant: Trumpet Honeysuckle


Grow this long blooming, flashy flowering vine to cover a fence or arbor and attract hordes of hummingbirds all season long.

Great Design Plant: Paddle Plant


If your looking for some awesomely strange foliage and low care requirements, this succulent is right up your alley.

Coastal Sweet Pepperbush


Bottlebrush blooms, gorgeous fall color and delightful fragrance give us this U.S. native shrub 4 season appeal.

Snowberry Pleases Year-Round


Bright spring foliage, pretty summer flowers, white berries in winter...Symphoricarpos albus is a sight to behold in every season.

Decorate With Versatile Agave


Beautiful, succulent leaves reach toward the sky, adding texture and beauty to the drought tolerant landscape.

Stars of the Succulent Garden


Amazing colors, exuberant blooms, low maintenance, ... is it any wonder Echeveria is so popular?

"8 Plants That You'll Love To Grow"


Don't dismiss these common annuals, perennials and shrubs - there are reasons they've been popular for so long.

The Garden With Orange Flowers


Hummingbirds and butterflies are not the only ones who will notice when you introduce a blaze of orange into your garden.

The Boxwood After 350 Years


Wild or mild, the humble boxwood still brings style and order to all kinds of gardens.

Shrubs In Your Flower Garden


Mix up the garden experience and let the flowers and shrubs play together.

Native Wildflowers for Fall


Keep the garden wonderful with these stalwart perennials. 

10 Hardy Succulents


Hardy succulents for the cooler


Yes, You Can Grow a Plant In That


You can upcycle your old typewriter, paint cans, tires and many more things into places for your plants.

Southern Garden: The Needle Palm


This sprawling, resilient palm can be used in many ways.

12 Fabulous Container Gardens


Celebrate the season with potted displays rich in color and texture.

For a Classy Look: Try Brick


See how to combine this time-honored paving material with other types, such as  concrete and stone.

10 Ways to Create a Secret Garden


You can design your garden to to feel like a secluded backyard retreat, a world apart from the hustle of daily life.

Succulents And Your Garden


This large group of undemanding, water-wise plants offers pretty and practical answers to your gardening dilemmas.

14 Red Flowers for Your Garden


Learn how to grow vivid flowers that will bring hummingbirds to your garden.

Winning Combo: Agave and Grases


See if you agree that bold, spiky agaves and soft, luminous grasses make a perfect pair.